250 Years of Sri Thyagaraja – Announcement

Competition Announcement

As promised we are well on our way to planning the second part of the festivities to commemorate the 250th centenary of the birth of Sri Thyagaraja. On April 29, 2017 we will have a full day of musical activities for the whole family and we eagerly look forward to seeing you all there!

We would like to invite all youth to participate in TWO competitions. We will accept submissions in two age categories: Junior, for students from age 7-14 and Senior, for students from age 15-25.

Competition # 1

Select a CARNATIC composer (may be ANY composer who is not living today). Either using a particular (or a few) composition(s) or the life of the composer, explain why that composer is your favourite and how he/she has had an impact on your personal life.

  • Junior students may submit a picture, a cartoon, or a short essay, or are welcome to submit a multimedia presentation.
  • Senior students may submit an essay, a multimedia presentation, a movie, a self-video or a recorded speech.

If you have a different presentation you would like to make that is not one of the ones specified above, kindly contact a SICA representative to confirm that it is ok). ALL submissions are to be made electronically and are DUE by APRIL 22, 2017 midnight.

We are fortunate to have a panel of judges who will examine all the submissions and make a choice as to the best presentations. The panel consists of the following 5 judges:

  • Mr. Balasubramaniam
  • Dr. Rao Nanduri
  • Dr. K. Ramachandran
  • Dr. V. S. Ramachandran
  • Dr. Raman

There will be 2 prizes in the junior and 2 prizes in the senior categories.

Competition # 2

We invite all the youth to prepare a Thyagaraja composition in any one of the following categories:

  • Simple compositions/utsava sampradaya/bhajana style
  • Rare ragas/rare kritis
  • Pancharatna (can be any of Lalgudi, ghana, Tiruvotriyur, Srirangam, Kovur, etc.)
  • Compositions on Music/music knowledge
  • Philosophical Compositions
  • Compositions on Nada
  • Western based compositions
  • Composition from one of Thyagaraja’s 3 operas

Compositions may be rendered individually or in a group and should be recorded electronically.  We will shortly release the link to which the recordings should be uploaded. The Carnatica brothers and Sri B. Sivaraman will judge the entrants and select 2 winners in the junior and 2 winners in the senior category (same age groupings as for First competition).

We encourage all our youth to participate and hope that all the parents will encourage their children to take part in this inaugural event and the best submissions (junior and senior) for BOTH competitions will be invited to present live to the community on April 29, 2017.