Happy New Year 2016


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year 2016

The following is the minutes of the AGM held on 6 December 2015 at St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, 2345 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7M6 (sincere thanks to Dr. Ramachandran Nair and Mr. M. Mahadevan for chairing the nomination committee). The new committee is already busy arranging and organizing excellent concerts for this year.  We are hoping to have another great year for SICA members. Please get your Thayagaraja Pancharatnas and Kirtanas ready for the first program of this year – details will be sent soon.

Best regards

SICA committee, 2016


South India Cultural Association

AGM held on 06 December 2015, 2:30-3:30 pm

St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, 2345 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7M6

The meeting, having achieved quorum, started at 2:30 pm.

The president’s report, outlining activities for the previous year was presented and approved

The treasurer’s report was presented by Ramnath. Approved (Krishnan/Dr. Ramachandran Nair)

As the only other item for AGM was the election of new executive, the meeting was handed over to the Nomination committee (Dr. Ramachandran Nair and Mr. M. Mahadevan)

Since the nomination committee did not receive any nomination from the members it was proposed the present committee will continue in 2016:

Dr. Rashmi Venkateswaran

Ramanathan Kameswaran

Rajesh Ramarathnam

Jayasri Ramesh

As there was no further nominations from the floor, the four members were acclaimed to the executive for 2016. The committee will meet and elect the officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) from its membership.

The closing balance of SICA bank account at the end of 2015 has dropped to approximately $2500. Due to the weak Canadian dollar and unfavorable exchange rate against US dollars, the remuneration to artists have gone up considerably. In order to provide quality program to our members, the SICA Committee proposed an increased membership fee for 2016 as follows:

 Membership Type  Proposed Fee For 2016  Current Fee 2015
 Family  $150  $120
 Couple  $120  $100
 Single  $70  $60
 Couple – Senior  $110  $90
 Single – Senior  $60  $55
 Students  $60  $50

A new category of Membership (Organization Member) was proposed and the fee was suggested at $200 per year with the privilege of four adult tickets for all the SICA programs.

The resolution was proposed and unanimously accepted by the members.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by the President and was adjourned at 3:15 pm.